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Building Permits

The 2015 National Building Code of Canada is now in effect in New Brunswick.
Building permits are required for all work on buildings which have over-night sleeping accomodations, and all other buildings over 215 square feet (20 square metres); including the construction of new buildings, and the alteration, renovation, reconstruction, demolition, removal and relocation of existing buildings.

Building permits are required to protect both the property owner and the surrounding community by ensuring that any proposed construction is in conformity with applicable regulations.  Building permits are also required to ensure that construction meets the National Building Code of Canada standards.

Building permit applications may be completed at the Capital Region Service Commission in Fredericton. The following information will be required to complete an Application for a Building Permit :

  • Contact name and information for the owner, contractors and subcontractors;
  • Property location and address;
  • Lot size and dimensions;
  • Location of building(s) on the lot (setbacks);
  • Construction details, including:
    • Foundation wall size, footing size;
    • Floor joist size, spacing and span;
    • Wall framing size and spacing;
    • Roofing trusses, rafter size and span;
  • Estimated cost of construction.

For more information on building permits, or for assistance completing your Application for a Building Permit , please contact a building inspector at the Capital Region Service Commission office.

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